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We provide the highest quality dental care to all our patients. And we strive to provide a caring and professional environment that promptly and efficiently addresses all our patients’ needs.Visits to our practice should be as pleasant as possible. That is why we have based our work on what in our opinion are the most important aspects for a good relationship between the dentist and the patient: Service and competence!



  • Precise scheduling by Time-Management-System
  • Short waiting time – appointments in case of “call at work”: no waiting time!
  • Gentle treatment methods
  • Multimedia Consultation
  • Digital X-ray with reduced radiation exposure and improved assessment of the exposures. You can get the x-rays via e-mail, on CD odr on your USB-Stick.
  • Intra-Oral-Camera: If you wish: See your teeth on the screen while you are on the dental chair “live” and free of charge
  • Drinks in the waiting room
  • No financial surprises: You determine the height of your investment before the treatment starts
  • No pre-selection of therapies for the statutorily insured: Also to you we offer the access to the most modern dentistry
  • Assistance with correspondence with medical insurances
  • Good climate: our rooms are air conditioned
  • 24 h – Emergency call numbers for our patients
  • English Spoken


Dental medicine is an extensive field. Due to modern technology, permanent further training and competent cooperation partners we guarantee treatment according to the latest and highest scientific level.

Our method of work aims at preventing damages and preserving the dental and oral health, the “oral wellness”. Highest precision (for example by usage of head-worn loupes) and permanent checks on quality are self-evident for us.

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Autor: Dr. Elio Adler / 12.05.2022